bella imagen de la fortaleza medieval nocturna

The old town of Castellar is located on a mountain since where you can perfectly see all the bay of Algeciras, the Rock of Gibraltar, Africa’s coast and other villages that surround it.

 foto: Javier González

el pueblo medieval fortificado, a vista de pájaro

This core is formed by a medieval fortress in perfect state of preservation that surrounds a village inside of its walls.

It is one of the few examples of medieval inhabited fortification which is still preserved.

The interior of the village is especially beautiful. Going for a walk through its narrow and clustered streets of clear Islamic origins is to go back in time to other époque. The disposition and structure of its houses remember us to the current Muslim villages.

Borders of flowers, varied flowerpots and bindweeds are the natural decoration of balconies and little squares.


  calles floridas de Castellar Viejocalles andalusíes de Castellar Viejo


The beauty of its little streets and its Al Andalus houses, along with the awesome views on Gibraltar and Morocco in clear days, make the Castle a must stop in the visit to the South of Andalucía.



Autor, Paul Buckley, entrada a la fortalezaAutor, Paul Buckley. Casa típica interior castillo.